I am a senior software engineer at HarQen. We do interesting things with voice. Our focus is on adding value to conversations through time shifting and attaching metadata.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife; staying active through running, biking, and sports; hacking personal projects; and trying to keep my backlog of unread articles reasonable.

For a little more detail, check out my resume. I can be reached via jesse.vogt@gmail.com or @jesse_vogt.


Sometimes coding at work is just not enough. These are a few of my more recent or notable projects:

Nodal Nodal is a social network visualizer initially built for an Oracle hackathon by Matt Stockton, Kris Gösser, and myself. We recently updated it to use the GitHub social network. We built it with D3.js and Flask.

Dayda Dayda is a “thing” tracking webapp. I personally use it for tracking time (coding and reading) and miles run. The data can be visualized as bar and line graphs or as a Seinfeld Calendar. I worked on Dayda with Kris Gösser and Matt Stockton. We built it with D3.js and Django.

Automated Foosball Table The Automated Foosball Table was my senior design project at at MSOE. I worked on it with Jamie Kirkpatrick, Kyle Sweet, Andrew Gerke, and Gordon Johnson. We took a normal foosball table, added motors, lasers, and a computer and created a machine capable of beating humans. I was responsible for the majority of the software. I built the motor control, sensor reader, and game logic as a kernel module running under RTLinux. I used SDL to create an interface to control certain aspects of the system and data visualization.

Checkout additional projects at my GitHub and BitBucket pages.

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